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GTX560 GPU Usage issue

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Hey peeps,
Today and many other days I have been experiencing very poor performance in my GTX560 non ti. Especially in an online game Runescape. I opened up MSI afterburner and got the monitors for the temps, and the usage in Runescape. The temps are fine but the gpu is going to max 13% load. I'm always lagging. Just now as we speak MSI reported 0.1fps on Runescape and the usage was 0%!
Need help please. All comments are welcome
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Kind of normal. My 580 doesn't ever have full usage, sometimes 40% usage under hard conditions. I've made a post about it before, and took everyone's and to no prevail. One of the suggestions was to get a bigger screen, with a higher resolution. I did that and nothing. My usage never went up. So i'd say you're looking normal since RuneScape isn't graphically intensive.
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