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I was told the higher the speed on the RAM will increase benchmark performances.

I'm about to build an IVY Bridge Z77 motherboard combo.

Is there a big difference between 2133 and 2400 MHz?

What is the best brands for RAM? I personally am used to Corsair. I trust Corsair. I've got 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz RAM currently.

This time around I would like to get two 8 GB RAM sticks. So I can leave the door open to eventually fill the other two slots with another 8 GB and max it out at 32 GB just for the epeen status.

I'm not necessarily looking to overclock this RAM so I'm just trying to get the best I can out of my money and the fastest speed that I can IF it makes a difference in helping me benchmark.

I understand graphically RAM does not help performance. I watched someone change from their 1600 MHz to 2133 MHz RAM and was able to obtain a higher score.

Almost forgot one more question. What is better, higher or lower CAS latency and higher or lower timing?

I'm thinking Gskills Ripjaw X 2133 MHz.

Hiwever if 2400 MHz is a big difference I'd like to know. Is the Gskills good? Would I be better off to just go with Corsair 4x4 Dominator 2133 MHz? Looking for a really strong brand.
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