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Need a 5.1 speaker setup recommendation for about $300-400

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Hey everyone!

I consider myself a computer geek and try my best to learn everything I can about a product before making a purchase. However, when it came to looking at upgrading my speakers, I've found myself lost and in need of some help. I read the "OCN's Most Recommended Audio Products" post and learned a lot, but I'm still not really sure what to look for in terms of quality. Terms like amps, active/passive speakers, IEMs, and tweeters fly over my head, so I'm not really sure how to judge quality. Here's what I'm looking for:

A 5.1 surround sound setup (including speakers, sub-woofer, sound card, and anything else I may need) for my PC in a fairly small room (a little under 9'x9') that is excellent for gaming and around $300-400. My current most-played game is Battlefield 3 (Diablo 3 in the near future).

I would be willing to go up $100 higher in the budget if you can convince me it's worth it. I listen mostly to electronic music, but don't really care how good my music sounds (since I rarely listen on my PC). I do use a headset (I have various, let me know if you want me to list them) for chat when gaming (via Skype, Steam, etc.), but it doesn't need to sound that great, it just needs to work without too much hassle.

One thing that I think would be a bonus but not a requirement is being able to easily and quickly hook up my Xbox 360/PS3 to my speakers for those times when I want to play on my monitor. Again, not a requirement, but would save me some hassles when moving around the consoles.

My current setup is an old Logitech 5.1 system going into my motherboard's built-in audio. Yes yes, I know, that's terrible and I should be shot, but I was ignorant and now I want to be a better person tongue.gif I do not plan on using any of my existing audio equipment (aka, the speakers... I plan on continuing to use my existing headsets for chat). If it matters, this is my current motherboard (has multiple PCI and PCI-E slots available).

I'd prefer to purchase a majority of the products from Amazon as I have about $200 in Amazon points saved up that I can use for this (otherwise, I may have to subtract $200 from the budget).

Any help would be greatly appreciated! smile.gif

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Love you mobo bro.

I say get this.


I would just use the built in audio card, but I am sure that someone will get on here and freak out about me telling you that. So you could also get this.


I am sure there will be an audiophile on here that will tell you to get all this really expensive crap. Just trust me. You will crap your self with the speakers alone.
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Funny you should mention the Z906 speakers, because those were the ones I was looking at buying until I started researching. As for the sound card, how does that compare to the Creative Titanium (or Titanium HD)?

Thanks for the kind words about the motherboard. I did a lot of research to pick that one, and went out of my way to find one that's a bit "future-proof" (support for Ivy Bridge and PCI-e 3.0, as well as lots of ports and slots).

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The titaumium or the HD will be good as well. Probably better than that card.
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I went ahead and bought the Logitech Z906 and a Auzentech Forte X-Fi sound card. Thanks for the help selluminis!

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