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Just as the title says, i know it sounds confusing, but is there a way i can use a program like Itunes or Winamp, and just create a play list in a specific order, and then some how use some kind of sort feature or a editing tag feature to just edit everything in the play list to change the actual detail of each of the files to a track order number in each specific file that is arranged in the same order that i arranged them in manually into the play list?

so for example
I can right click the properties of an mp3, and one of the tags says "Track number", and I can change that to track number 1, and go to the next one and change that to number 2.. but that will be kind of alot of work to go thru each mp3 and do that manually.. and then if i was to re-arrange the ordering of everything, i would have to go thru each and every single file and right click and go to properties and start the whole process over each time i add something.

is there a specific name for what I want to do? and is there a feature in one of these applications that can do this?