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i´m making a build for a friend of mine. He wanna SLI his 580´s.. he got all other stuff except theese 3 things.
the question now is which mobo and which ram to choose for all about 620$ / 470 € if possible.. could go a lil higher.. but the cheaper the better.
i guess 1600 ram or faster? its available for 50€.. now which board? maybe anyone could explain which parts to choose for the best OC.
he prefers asus boards but is willing to take another brand too. he wanna OC the cpu to/close to 5ghz for 24/7..


thanx in advance
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dont get the 2700k pick up a 2600k its basicly the same thing.. the mobo im not entirely sure about but the ram you want 1600 and low timings...
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the difference is only 20€.. thing is which sli board for about 160$ that is good OCable?!.. like i said i found some ram for about 50€/70$..

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