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Silence & P/P:
Havik vs. TR Macho

Looking at selling out my 970a-UD3 with 4.2ghz 955 & 212+ to a friend's build and then upgrading to a i5-3570k to mate with my a Biostar TP67XE when MicroCenter comes out with them!

I'm looking to stepup my heatsink thumb.gif I'm interested in quiet, good performance, don't need to go to the top of the Price/Performance curve where it's like NH-D14 (you're paying like $20-$30 extra for the last 1C off your OC!)

After looking at this thread where there were a bajillion recommendations and then everyone mobbed the Havik... some googling tells me the opposite... The ThermalRight Macho gets the upperhand on the Havik in P/P as well as noise...

It's $50 TRMacho vs Havik's $60! Basically you pay $10 for a 140mm fan with the Havik...
Are there any other competitive options near these two fellas? I'm really interested in quiet tongue.gif
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