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Well, I've been with the green team for a while, 8800gt sli and GTX280 sli , I can say that NVIDIA drivers are not perfect, with driver updates they concentrate all their efforts on new titles hyped in the media (can be a good thing) but at a disregard for titles that should stay consistent or improve with updates. I've had games with worse performance after updating and having to roll back because their drivers were focused on newer hardware and games. NVIDIA has also been very deceiving lately as well with the GTX680. Of coarse people say, but it performs like a top end card so its top end, well the fact is they pulled the sheepskin over our eyes and soured their reputation with many enthusiasts.
I am one of them, I've been holding out for Kepler and now with the AMD price drops I am almost ready to pull the trigger on the 7970. PhysX is moot in any rate, the physics aren't even realistic, there is no real gravity and everything floats around too much, look at batman, you think he really creates a vortex of floating papers around him is realistic? I don't think the water effects are very impressive either.
Since when did releasing a flagship card start to be based solely on simply overcoming the competitors top card by fractions anyways, Kepler scales like crap with 1536 Cuda cores compared to Fermi with 512, these are the same cores with different surrounding architectures except on the 680 they are undervolted and overclocked to the max so they can perceive performance per watt. It's not that I'm totally against the 680 it does appeal to me, but I just feel that with the minor exceptions of the 680 with PhysX and a slight advantage with tessellation, but it can be argued that AMD has superior memory interface and more of it as well, the 7970 and 670... I mean 680 are neck and neck it really doesn't go beyond personal preference at this point. So if I'm buying a card now its based solely off price.

the shaders in fermi runs at a ratio of 1:2, while the shaders in kepler runs at a ratio of 1:1
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Well it is a tuff decision since I think they both have great things about them. I do not like the lack of physx though. I also hate having to have a display port adapter for eyefinity. I will wait and see the prices on the 4GB 680's.
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