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[CLOSED ]AMD Phenom(tm) II X2 555 Processor 3.20GHz better with what mobo?

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im planning to unlock this cpu and then oc to get max performance
i got 2 options here

1) Asrock 880GM-LE (Php 2,650)
2) Gigabyte 880GM-D2H (Php 3,700)

well i think #2 is better by reading the features and its more expensive
can anyone help me to decide and explain which is which and why?
thanks a lot

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None of those options are safe nor practical to use for unlocking that processor into a consumptive 125W TDP Phenom II quad core.  Both have 3+1 phase VRM systems that do not provide enough capacity.  The ASRock board will protective shutdown on you too frequently if you attempt to unlock and OC whereas the Gigabyte board is actually at risk for exploding/catching on fire!

You need to look towards a board that offers a QUALITY 4+1 phase VRM system, and ensure the cooling through airflow or heatsinks, for ideally running a 125W TDP Phenom II processor.  Larger is even better if you could afford it, for better efficiency/lower heat levels.  You also need to read the article in my sig: About VRMs & MOSFETs.

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smile.gif oh hi! thanks for that, so u can suggest me some good mobo? here is the list of my supplier, pls choose more than 1 so i can think about price


thansk ang good day smile.gif
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Ah the Philippines market thumb.gif I love how the computer market is premature yet fast growing.  I'm from your country, although I now live in Vancouver thumb.gif


Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a motherboard on that list close to your budget that can do what you want reliability (i.e. hold it) unless you can stretch your budget and get the 880GM-USB3 (ensuring VRM cooling of course - which is possible so long as you have airflow from, say, stock CPU heatsink).  You might be able to get a nice board for better price if you know another supplier.

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wow hi! lets say i got 2x or 3x budget, what would u suggest on the list? thanks a lot! thumb.gif
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There is a Gigabyte 770 board but the features for price (VRM wise) are pretty much the same and it won't be much better.  So on AM3(+) socket, this board is really your most optimal choice from this supplier.  Again, if you know another one, the better selection (price?) may be able to help you.

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smile.gif oh, lets say i can get from a diff supplier, what best board can u refer to me? well we exclude 5 digits PP,PPP (php), too expensive, 880GM-USB3 seems nice, so i can try to upgrade processor later, but now my main target is to unlock/oc cpu to boost performance (not planning to buy new cpu soon), so pls suggest best mobo for me and i try to find that on shops here in ph, and ofc not 5 digits, thankies biggrin.gifthumb.gif

**880GM-USB3 seems promising..
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ok ... i'm about to start building my first Box ...
till now i bought the same cpu, ( AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE Processor 3.20GHz )
collecting other information .

according to Thread , i would like to ask then ...
wuld my chosen motherboard will be good enuf for same purpose

i was thinking about ASUS M5A 78L-M / USB3 happysmiley.gif

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1) Asus M5A78L-M LX 760G/VSL/ddr3 ₱2,350.00
2) Asrock 880GM-LE ₱2,650.00

3) Gigabyte 880GM-USB3 usb3/d3 ₱4,200.00
4) Gigabyte 880GM-D2H AMD880/VSL ₱3,700.00

hi guys! so now hmmm... i think ill go for the first 2, my bet is #1 coz i said i want may pc/cpu performance and im considering price, 1 touch turbo and easy core unlock seems promising for my "AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE Processor 3.20GHz"

guys pls tell me #1 is better than #2 haha! need more suggestions here but honestly im looking at #1 and #2 only because of price, so maybe w/c is better, my bet is #1, thanks and waiting for replies, good day everyone! thumb.gif
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smile.gif BUMPZ!!! smile.gif
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