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You paid how much for your GPU, and you think $283 for a quality 2 channel amp is "ridiculously expensive"?
Also, you seem to be forgoing the idea of a sub. The 163's are very good, but will ALWAYS lack the physical cone space to drop the really heavy bass.
They are nice bookshelves, not floor speakers.
Pair it with something decent like a BIC America 12" or, cheaper, a Polk PSW10, and you'll have the low end you are looking for.

redface.gif Don't remind me, I wish I spent less.

As I said in my post above I am working on a sub as well. so far found a PSW10 for $40 but havent been contacted back yet, and a Infinity Primus 212 for $150 if the other guy bails, which would be awesome.