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Random studder lag inside of windows and then some please help!

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Hey there! I'm a new member to this forum and i've been following overclock.net for awhile very good forum I must say. I'm pretty knowlegable about computers and usually i am one to answer peoples problems but i'm kinda at lost on this one. I'm Having a random slow lag/studdering in windows on a pretty well built machine. An example would be that if i open something it seems to lock all ports keyboard, mouse for a few seconds and continues after. My machine was stable at one point then desided to freeze when windows started so I formatted and its not freezing anymore but still the lag. I uninstalled alot of services before all were safe and stable for awhile last install before that happen but i haven't edited any this install to rule out services as a factor. I set all speeds to default as far as ram and cpu so stablity is also ruled out. My cpu temps are running 50-52C at idle and at load reaches up to 65C in windows (Replaced the thermal compound and reseated HSF several times to make sure everything was fine with connection was firm. I Have a pretty desent HS as well so i dont know why it would be that high at idle, not to mention that the bios read 67C just in bios which im starting to think that maybe the bios is reading the wrong temp. I know the bios cant throttle down and i expect it to be higher but not that high. Games even have the same problem at times. I'm getting frustrated that I can seem to ever get this thing 100% stable so hopefully someone can give me some insite! Also i will mention i tried disabling APIC and reformatting to see if maybe my IRQ's weren't being properly optimizing right and wouldnt boot windows without and error so that didnt help. Could this be my temps on the cpu and why would this be causing this?

My Specs Are:

CPU:QX9650 3.0GHZ 1333mhz FSB @ 1.30v
MEMORY:Corsair Vengance 1333mhz FSB (Tried stock 1600mhz same result) (4GBx2) 9-9-9-27 @ 1.55v (also tried 1.65v)
VIDEO: 3 x BFG Tech GTS 250 OC (3 Way SLI Stock Clocks) 46c @ Idle and 60c @ Full Load
OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD
Seagate 80GB Sata (For Storage)
FANS: 3x 120mm
CPU HEATSINK: Thermaltake V1 (http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Product.aspx?C=1148&ID=1548)
BIOS: All spectrum's disabled , C1E, Speedstep Etc.
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
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Welcome to OCN.

You can add your rig to your signature, if you're interested read here.
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Start off by defaulting the bios and removing all but one videocard and 1 stick of memory. If that fixes it, add components until the problem re-surfaces.

If you dont want to break the rig down, ensure you have all the correct drivers installed, and as well make sure you MemTEST the rig.

The reasoning behind this, is if you re-installed windows and are still having the issue it is either a Driver or Hardware issue.
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Welcome to the forums mate. thumb.gif
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Thanks for sharing Epeen and glad to be here! I tried that already and it seems that i've come to the conclusion its the horrible nvidia driver support for 3 way sli. Now that i think about it when in games I would get pushed out alot or freeze. What I mean by that is that my fps would be fine for like 2 hours no problem and randomly out of no where drop to 20fps or something like its in slow motion. For some reason also I wanna say this is a direct x problem because of the fact that when i restart its fine. That brings up a question would this be a direct x problem or drivers because iv tried a couple of the newer ones and some older!
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