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Driver Management Software?

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Hello everyone! I'm on the final stretch of building my new desktop pc and was wondering if anybody knew of a good program that assists the user with finding and downloading driver updates. I've heard of a few, but I know some are better than others. Also are they good to use or is it best to just manually hunt them down and get them yourself to update your pc hardware? Thanks in advance!
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There is Driver Detective...BLAH!!

I would recommend Driver genius, but honestly I just grab them manually from the manufacture websites.

The only time I have ever used a driver assistance program (Driver genius) was to find drivers for older systems where it was impossible to find info on the hardware that needed drivers.

However I have learned years ago that you can find out just the information you need from going to device manager and looking for the Vendor and Device IDs

Then you plug those into http://pcidatabase.com/

In which case it will give you info and even sometimes ppl will comment and leave links to working drivers.

Otherwise I strongly advise you to rely on your experience to grab them down manually. This way you know what is being installed on your PC and if you happen across any system stability issues you will be able to track down any driver issues easily...since you know which version you installed and that it works with your OS.
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Thanks for the info! Yeah I knew of driver genius and have tried it before; for the most part it was pretty good, but I am glad you gave the tips to help with manual installation. I feel more comfortable being in control of the drivers, but my only concern is how to find out what devices need an update. Does device manager house all material, including bios, that would need updating (besides the os) and is there an easier way to keep on top of these than manually checking all the manufacturer websites every few months? My old hp laptop used support assistant to help with the updates, but I'm trying to steer clear of that path.
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But that tool was basically pulling down what was posted to the HP support site based on what model you had.

I hate bloatware, I always pull that crap out as soon as possible.

When it comes to driver updates and laptops I usually just manually look for them...on Windows XP

on Windows 7 I will go under windows update and optional and see if I find anything driver related...I never had any luck doing this in Windows XP.

It would always fudge up the box...but I am having a good run thus far with Windows 7 doing this.

My GOD! Did M$ finally get something fixed? I bet they broke at least 12 other things in the process though.

Anyway, hope this helped.
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So Windows 7 is pretty good at helping with driver updates? I did notice a few drivers listed before but not alot, though probably because I just let support assistant run through it's list after a fresh install. Yeah I am not surprised its a cheap piece of crapware, but I guess it didn't bother me to use or maybe I was lazy when the thought came up to find a different updating approach. Also I tried manually updating once in the past when XP was big, but oh man the trouble I dealt with (just felt like I was doing more harm than help). It just left me with a bad experience and stayed clear. Suppose it's time to put down old feelings and give it another whirl lol. Thanks again for the help, now just need to get the rest of the parts and get this project started!
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