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Matthew from Australia. Hello everyone. Meow.

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Hey all.

I am a 28 year old manchild. Whitespider is my internet name, Matthew is my real name.
I spend a bunch of my time making films, working on films, filming films (literally), and generally existing in the film world. This profession, specifically in Australia - is unprofitable. So I am venturing into "writing for films", yet another competitive industry with every opportunity in the universe to be exploited. Regardless, I am a creative type. I need to do creative things.

I spend a large chunk of my spare time gaming, Games I have enjoyed recently include:

The Witcher 2
Deus Ex Human Revolution
La Noir (with framerate unlocked, whoever says 30fps is fine should die slowly, I'm looking at you upcoming darksouls pc version)
Batman Arkham City
KOA: Reckoning

And many many others.

I probably enjoy role playing games the most. Although I am not hardlocked into a traditionalist mentality. I like 7 of every 10 evolutions. And while the mainstream "call of duty" "gears of war" games dominate, I see quality improvements and even innovation more often than I don't in every other space. (except perhaps sports games, recent japanese games, and a few other genres).

In terms of hardware, I have a corei5 2500k overclocked at 5ghz. It never bluescreens. A dell u27 monitor, running every game at 2560x1440 @ 60hz, a hd 6990, and a adh-900's (i believe I got that partly right) - They are the open headphones. The rest of my hardware is secondary and not all that important.

I really enjoy pc tech, but I don't assemble pc's for the fun of it. The 'results' are my hobby (And not benchmarks in 3dmark - etc). I enjoy great visuals, just in the same way I enjoy good art. And I personally believe that resolution and the quality of a screen counts for the most in an entire gaming system. It aids my immersion tenfold. Twenty fold...... A bunch-fold.

As always I am striving for a system that gives me smooth results at the picture quality I need. And what sent me here originally was http://www.overclock.net/t/1232084/yamakasi-catleap-q270-100hz-guaranteed <--- This thread.

At this point in time, I am 'mostly' happy with my system build. Except for microstutter I get in a number of games with my 6990. I just want to get my native resolution 2560x1440 - to display as many frames as it can on whatever graphics card I have. I am tired of getting what appears to be 30fps when afterburner reads 48fps or even 52fps. Yes, this is partly the nature of vsync, it's just multi-gpu setups tend to skip a lot of frames with vsync off, and skip a lot of frames when vsync goes below it's 60frames per second - 60hz constant rate.

So my current hardware goal, is to turn my massively focused, and massively low - budget. Into a smoother overall gaming experience.

What I hope to do on this forum. Is give some advice to people in anything that I do know - Get some advice from people - Follow up on a deal or two - and talk about hardware stuff, and maybe some gaming stuff as well.

One last thing before I end this post. In Australia there are not kangaroo's randomly roaming the streets, spiders and snakes are on on every single surface imaginable, not all of us have crazy Australian accents - it's more subdued except from the outback rednecks (same goes for America I would imagine). The only rumor that has any real truth to it, is that we are all massively endowed. Both woman and men. And even the kangaroos.

Make of that what you will.
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Hello Matthew, welcome to OCN.
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Welcome to OCN.

Nice 1st Post.
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