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how about something like this ~700$ after MIr (Click to show)
and this is
~700$ before MIR (Click to show)
pls feel free to point out mistakes and if there any comments it would be greatly helpfully redface.gif

good luck thumb.gif
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Thanks for the build guys. I think I know what to get now. And yes, I do have a Microcenter near me, so I will be getting the 2500k from there. Thanks again everyone.
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anytime pal biggrin.gif so what are the things that you have in mind after we ever we had in our advice can we hear it wink.gif
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Will go for the following

asrock z68/z77 mobo
8gb g.skill
cheapest 6870 i can find
500gb wd blue
600w psu
haf 912

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fine just a fews thing to take note of
  1. Get a Overclockable Z68 Motherboard to which i would say the Asrock Extreme 3 Gen 3 would be the best or for the cheapest i would say a Gigabyte P67X-UD3-B3 not a Z68 or Z77 but you can overclock on it pretty decent and has a CF/SLi support redface.gif
  2. get a 1600 Mhz RAM
  3. get any 6870 except for XFX they have lifetime warranty (i guess ) but you got to replace that card multiple times as its known for heat and such issues
  4. dont get a Corsair CX 600 V2 its not worth your pay rolleyes.gif

other then that go no with it all the best for you build buddy and ya we except some sweet clicks coming with that wink.gif

Hope that helped thumb.gif
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