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SLI GTX 680 Three Monitor Hookup

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So I am putting together a new system as my current one is on its last legs. I ordered everything I think need yesterday from Newegg and Amazon (besides the processor, waiting for IB to come out in next week or two). I happened to refresh the page apparently exactly when they restocked the Asus GTX 680 cards, so I was able to order 2 for SLI setup (as it showed as out of stock 2 seconds before). Sweet!

My question is: I currently have 3 of the Alienware AW2210 Monitors running on my Radeon HD 5970 card. 2 are plugged into the DVI and the 3rd has the powered adapter thing that changes it from DVI to mini-displayport. When I get the GTX 680 cards installed, will I be able to plug 2 of the monitors into one card and the 3rd one into the other card, to do the surround setup with them? I think these monitors only have DVI and HDMI hookup only, if i remember correctly. Or do i need to buy another adapter to plug all 3 monitors into the same card? (As I'm assuming the mini-displayport hookup is different than the regular size displayport?)

Anyone have a similar setup that can answer this? Thanks!!

Can't wait to get all the components and build the new system. Hopefully the IB processors do come out next week!
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The 680 doesn't have a mini dp, only regular dp so you'll have to plug 2 into one card and the last one in the other.
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Ok, thanks. Knew about the 680 only having the regular displayport. I just haven't had Crossfire or SLI cards before, so wasn't sure if I could plug different monitors into the separate cards or had to do them all on the same card. Thanks again.
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Yeah after that all you have to do is set them up how you like in the nvidia control panel. It's pretty painless. And make sure you're using dual link DVI on all three screens
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