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Join to get some more intel on computing. I used to be in it but stepped out. Now dual jobs as automotive enthusiast and web developer has brought me back to computers. I just picked up a Dell XPS 435MT which is very sufficient so far, but on my free time I do like to get some games in. I bought GTA IV and it runs it smooth. Here are some of the specs

- Intel 2.66GHz i7 920
- 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 RAM
- 450GB Western-D 7200rpm HD
- ATi Radeon HD 4850 512mb

I liked this computer. Although since I am running big video editing software and such I wanted to go either nVidia GTX680i SLi or just leap into a nVidia Quadro 6000 (yes, I know they cost like $4K) but my motherboard only has one PCI X16 slot. ***? So I am thinking to get a new motherboard? Idk maybe just build a custom PC all together. Specially since I can't put the newer next gen i7 processor in it. Anyhow thats my story.
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Welcome! I have a 4850 sitting here in my room collecting dust, it served me well over the years.
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Welcome to OCN forum!
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