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Let me start out right away by saying, I own 2x 6850s. I am looking to go nvidia for the sake of Folding, and being sick of multi GPU problems.

How much of a performance loss would I see going from 2 6850s to a GTX480 or 570? Maybe even a 470, since they are pretty darn cheap. Looking to be able to spend what the 6850s sell for, maybe 50 bucks more. I am not the heaviest gamer lately. The last few games I played were, Skyrim, Dead Island, Battleforge, Dungeon Defenders, Firefall and SWTOR. I really don't see any upcoming games that I must play, but I don't want to drop to far in GPUs in case something does release. 6850s are already starting to become dated.

I know that in some benchmarks 6850s compete with a 580 at lower res, but how would they do against a 480? Every post I seem to find, has people asking, should I get 2 6850s or get a 480. Which really doesnt help because of coarse people say get the 480 but for different reasons.