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Z77 Professional Internet Issues

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Hey guys new to PC building and I have my rig up and running. The only problem is the internet speed. Didnt have this problem on my last pc. Its taking me almost 30 minutes to download a 8-10mb file. Ive tried updating my drivers and it doesnt help. I have cable so I shouldnt be running slow and I know its not my internet. The motherboard is the ASRock z77 professional. Any tips and help are very appreciated. Been messing with this for about 10 hours and have not had any luck. Thanks
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Right now my download speed is averaging 12kb/sec
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I am in the same boat. My download speeds in Firefox are incredibly slow, about 10kb/s. It is even throttling my games. My ping was over 1100ms. The only thing I did notice was that Windows Update does seem to run at my full speeds. I know it isn't my connection because all the other computers on the networks still download at 1.1MB/s.

I'm going to continue to do research. If I find anything, I will reply here again.
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Is that the Fatal1ty Z77 Professional or Fatal1ty Z77 Professional-M ?
If both of you guys have the exact same issue, asrock will likely need to look into that.
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I have the ASRock Z77 Professional
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Headed to best buy to pick up a network card to see if I have any better results. I will let ya know how it goes
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Well it was my ethernet cable. I switched cables from my xbox 360 and my dowload speed went from 12kb/sec to 7.75mb/sec. So I ran by lowes and got me a network cable that would make the length and my internet speed got even faster. With the new network cable my internet download speed is 11.7mb/sec, 25 ping, and upload was like .5mb/sec. All it was a the dam ethernet cable. When all else fails check your cables.
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Good to know as I have ordered the same motherboard smile.gif

Also happy to learn that your problem is solved !!!
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