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8120/50 - TERA - SWOTR- similar mmo's. What's your fps?!

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I am wondering if anyone has been using an 8120/50 in tera.
Using a 960t with a 6970 and I can never get 60fps, I know its a bottleneck before people say the game is throttling etc. When I look at the sky etc jumps to 70fps+ As soon as some mobs or players come on the screen the cpu jumps to 100% usage and the fps takes a massive hit. This game as with nearly every other mmo is cpu intensive.

I was just wondering if there was anyone in the beta of tera with a 8120/50 or even other recent mmos as a similar indication of their fps/performance. Like swotr , rift etc.
Got my 960t at 4ghz and was wondering what kind of performance people are getting in mmos with 8120/50 at 4.5ghz+. If I got a h100 or D-14 I could get a nice 4.5/4.6ghz.

This is my last research/question before going with a 2500/2600k. I would much rather save the money obviously since I still have the mb and put the rest to a 7970.
So verdict whats your fps like in mmos?

As I said if anyone can give me some nice mmo proof I will get the 8120/50 and save some money, if not I will need to fork over the extra money for cpu/mb and forfiet the 7970 for now.

Some proof
That is the best fps I could get without looking at the sky. That is with a few mob's on screen usually it's in the 30s I have a few more screens here with it in the 30s and only a few enemies on screen.

Basically to summarize the thread : 8120/50 with a nice 4.5-4.8 ghz overclock = good for mmo's?
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far as i recall once the frames are above 24 fps we cant tell the diifernce but i may be recalling this fact wrong. far as that game ill try it if there is a free demo thats single player since i dont have that game
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To be honest most mmo's are horrendously coded and thus use only a single thread (which is why you're seeing 100% cpu usage). For single threaded performance at this time, you want Intel. I can tell you for sure that an FX-8120 will yield worse results than what you're already getting in an mmo. You would have to be at least at 4.8ghz to see any improvement but even then the improvement will be small.

The FX-8120's forte is multi threaded performance and does not thrive in an mmo. If you were talking about a game that relies on the gpu, then it would be a different story. In which case the gpu, not the cpu would be the deciding factor. Bottom line, if you play mostly mmos and you're not happy with what the 960T is giving you, then go with a 2500k or 2600k or what have you.
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-looking for people that have this cpu that play mmo's if there are any tongue.gif.
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