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Just an FYI for anyone looking... I was curious about this so I purchased 32 GB of G Skill 1333 MHZ 10600 to put in and it has worked perfectly! Not only is it recognized by Windows (7 Ultimate) but it is also recognized in BIOS which is version 209. The ram is the 9-9-9-24 version and I put in one stick at a time and it all works flawlessly.

I didn't have to do anything. My computer is the G73JH-X5 version.
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Hi I have an Asus G73JH i7 Q720 CPU with 8GB Ram. I want to max out the RAM. I have read that some of these models have been retrofitted by owners with 32 GB of Ram. From what I gather in reading from posts a 64 bit operating system should be able to access all that ram. I am running windows 8 64 bit. what I am curious about is that the i7 Q720 intel CPU vs the second and third generations might be different in handling Ram above12 GB is this true?
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This reply is on the ASUS gamers site to the question does the G73jh i7 720 QM support 8 GB Ram Cards.

No. The IMC in the original i-series processors do not support 8 GB modules. If you need that much RAM, I would advise buying a desktop, or a newer ROG notebook that will allow you to run 32 GB of RAM. The G53/G74 and onward (G55/G75) can handle that much RAM. Honestly, though, why do you need that much?
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If you follow this forum you will see that there are 3 people who have already done this. G73JH-A1 supports 32 GB of DRAM. Core 7i 720QM is a 64 bit Processor and it can handle 32Gb. The commercial specs are also written based on market dynamic ...so even the official Intel literature will reflect as 8 Gb max ..but Core i7 720QM on G73JH-A1 with 4 memory slots can be upgraded to 32 GB and you will need a OS that can access 32 GB.
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I have followed but wanted to be doubly sure. The i7 has several generations and the G73 has several configurations. I ran across info which said the first gen couldn't but the second and on could. the i7 720 QM might be a second generation. I'm not sure. I ordered the 32 GB RAM. I am also replacing the trackpad on this model as mine never really worked well even after I removed the tape and glue but not the metal foil. So I am going to change the track pad when I change the MOBO RAM under the top cover.
I have come across people who said it doesn't work on different boards and those who do. Seeing is believing and I will be one of those in a week.
Thanks for your input.
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If you are really interested on Processor capabilities ..you can refer to following guide which discusses the technicalities in greater detail. I did little bit of investigative browsing on this subject and found that there is ample amount of myths surrounding core i7 processors (IA 64 processor families) . I have relied upon these manuals for decades for required details, hope this will help you to get a good understanding. http://download.intel.com/products/processor/manual/325462.pdf
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Thanks, I have installed 24 gb 3x8 to 3 slots I can reach 4th requires a disassembly which will occur when a replacement touchpad arrives in a few days. I have one of the unfortunate touchpads that Asus never repaired. So fee no problems only increase in speed. Win 8 sees the ram.
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First an apology for going late to enter this thread but wanted to add my experience with my ASUS ROG G73jh ...

Currently my G73Jh has been updated with the i7 920XM processor and 32Gb of memory RAM Corsair Vengeance to make a RAMDisk of 20Gb and leave 12Gb to the system (you will have to upgrade your OS to Windows Professional or Ultimate to access total 32GB memory).

Hard drives were replaced by hybrid drives of one terabyte to have two terabytes in total and gain some speed reading games.

Also I changed the original Wi-Fi card Atheros AR9285 for the killer wireless-n 1202 card... is amazing, no more lag in online games!!!

Now I would like to change the video card for the HD 7970m but still do not dare because of the difficulty that requires this step.

Greetings and sorry for my English, I speak Spanish and only a little English.
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that sounds like a cool upgrade, well, with mine i ended up upgrading the ram to 16gb, 4 SO-DIMM sticks running at 1333 Mhz, changed hard drive to 1x 120 GB SSD Crucial and a Seagate Hybrid of 1TB, repasted CPU and GPU, Now it runs like new, i'm interested on the mod you did with the wireless card, is this the card you used? http://www.amazon.com/Bigfoot-Networks-KillerN-1202-Notebook-Wireless/dp/B008H5V9ZU
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Yes Wolfnuka, that's the same card that I bought it...

If you buy it send me a message to give you the right drivers to work correct in the ASUS G73jh
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