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my system has been running fine since i built it over 2 months ago .but i recently attempted to put an old video capture card in one of the standard pci slots .all i get is a continuous boot loop doest seem to get as far as post. take it back out all is well again.mad.gif
the card runs on an older pc.but i need it to work on my main one.i know the card is old but if there is a slot on the mobo i should be able to use it.
i would like to know. why does the slot not work (tried both), has anyone else had this, is there a solution?
also sorry if i posted in wrong place.
i havent clocked my system in anyway as yet, i may need to do the bios but i am not doing that untill i know whats actually been done to improve the bios as it may be pointless,i prefer to know what to fix rather than randomly trying stuff till it works or explodes, although the latter is more fun!
also having spent a very long time trying to sort this it is now a matter of principal to get it working or not because if it doesnt then in my mind that makes the mobo faulty and gigabyte are resposible.rolleyes.gif p67a-d3-b3
win7 64bit
750w power
16gb ram
2x 1tb hdd
radeon 6800
problem card...viewcastosprey 230

I realy would like to make this work....................................