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well that last thread got deleted for obvious reasons. lol. i do apologize for that gents and gals. just getting really desperate in this economic times. I'm sure you can understand.

been Overclocking since i graduated high school...? may 05, got a athlon x2 4200+. overclocked and lapped it to 2.8 i think? hell i don't even remember its been that long. been hooked on phonics since. Ideally i'd like to get more than 4.2Ghz out of my d0 i7 920. need proper time and funding and setup for that.

anyway, long of the short. moved to west palm beach florida for the mother of my son, she left me. so i'll be headed back to louisiana any time i get a real job back there. lol

anyway, I look forward to learning more about Memory and mobo OC'ing. since thats where i lack alot of knowledge

semper fi