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WUs failing?

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So the last 3 WUs my CPU has done, HTM says completed, but in the WU history it shows no points recieved. When when I look in the FAH log, No errors are shown and it completes the WU to 100%, uploads it and gives me a final credit estimate. No errors or anything 1-100% then downloads a new one and uploads the completed.

My GPU WU right now says its going to be uploaded to, but I see no sign of errors in the log. Is this a bug or something?
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The point viewer may simply be because HFM does not have the known points for that WU. Probably a bug on where it is going to be uploaded as well especially if the points are showing as 0. The best way to see if they are uploading correctly is to check out eoc stats and see if you received the points for the time in question. I imagine that you did especially if you see no errors in the log file.

EDIT: haha i was searching for why my GPU WUs were failing due to possible not enough power. Stumbled upon this post that I made 8 hours ago
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