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random blue screen

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Hello I my screen turned blue than goes back to normal but frozen I have no idea why.

i5 2500k ( non oc yet )
hd 7850 (oc to 1050/1450 )
asrock extreme 3 gen 3
8gb corsair ram 1600mhz
corsair hx650
WD 1tb caviar blk 6gb/s ( when it shut down it do a wierd sound like a disk being stop while its spinning )

My system did freeze one time other than that. while I was closing normaly my pc
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Undo the GPU OC, likely an unstable GPU oc.
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Ive reset it , then bit by bit going to were I was, It seem to be ok now . Not sure if its the gpu.

Ill rma my HDD cause it did the noise of a fan touching cable for about 1min . idk if it was the cause of the problem but will prbably help overall:thumb:
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Are you getting actual BSODs too, like bugchecks and the whole nine yards, or just freezing?

If you're getting BSODs, can you please attach the dump files here? You can find them by navigating to C:/Windows/Minidump (or C:/Windows and will be named MEMORY.DMP). Once you've navigated to the Minidump folder, put all of the dump files in a zip and attach them here.
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no I didnt get an BSOD yet.
My screen just turned blue for like 10 sec than came back on my desktop but it was frozen
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