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I am planning to upgrade my work/gaming rig to a six monitor setup and I could use some advice. I have been an nvidia guy for a while now and have been using evga cards. I've been doing some research for this upgrade and I think I probably want to go with a couple Radeon cards this time.

I want to make this system as flexible as possible and the eyefinity stuff appears to be the way to go. I don't necessarily see myself using all six monitors for gaming. More likely I'll want to use 1-3 monitors for game display with browsers, chat, stream viewing on the other three. (This will be a 3x2 configuration.) I'm hoping either the Radeon experts can help me with card selection or someone can convince me that nvidia will work better for what I want to do. I'm obviously willing to spend some money here. I've been looking at the 79xx series of cards. I hear some troubling things about the drivers for these. These negative reports can get overblown so I'd like to hear from some experienced builders/gamers on this. If there are issues with the 79xx cards, is there another model that has decent performance and better stability?

Also looking for advice on manufacturer. XFX and Sapphire seem to be well recommended. What about ASUS?

I don't play shooters on the pc, so I won't need to worry about being able to support BF3 on six screens or anything. I play some MMOs (SWTOR, LOTRO), Fallout 3&NV, and plan to pick up skyrim sometime soon. I've also been dipping a toe into EVE online and I can forsee wanting to run 2-3 EVE clients on various screen combinations. I could see it working out something like this for EVE:


Screens 1&2 main eve client
Screen 3 second client
Screen 4 video/stream/tvshow, etc
Screen 5 browser, irc, vent, misc
Screen 6 third eve client
Just an example of the kind of thing I'm thinking about. Trying to emphasize that I am not doing this to have a single game stretched across all six screens.

With flexibility in mind I've been looking at these monitors that have HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort connections:

I'm not decided on monitor supports yet. I'm leaning towards three stands that hold two monitors vertically. (Flexibility again.)

I know there's probably not to many people who have worked on a setup like this but any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I would also love to hear any general thoughts on the 3x2 setup, especially from someone who's running one. Is there something about it that you don't like, etc.