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I am new to the forums here. My buddy recommended this site for its friendliness and useful help. He came here to get help with his CPU and said great things about the forums.

I just recently started having problems with turbo boost after updating my BIOs for my Gigabyte P55a- UD3. I updated to version F11 and when i went to check my Intel turbo boost monitor - it said that turbo boost needs to be enabled?!?!

Im not exactly sure how to set it up in the BIOs properly. Earlier today i went into the BIOs and set the multiplier to 20x which put me at 3.3ghz. But now my temps were hitting just under 60C. Thats way too hot. I dont wanna burn my cpu out - i cant afford a new one at the moment. I went back and lowered the multiplier to 17x in hopes that it would lower the temps back but theyre still hitting around 57C

I understand that theres a difference between Turbo and OCing. I would most likely go with the safer route since all i have is a stock cooler for my CPU.

So the reason i came here was to get some real help with setting the turbo boost properly and lowering my temps overall. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. i have XMP enabled for 8 gigs of g.skill 1600 DDr3.