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Migrating OS to new SSD

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Ok, here's my situation. I have a HDD on my comp and wanted to make my PC faster memory wise. A couple of days ago you guys helped me out choosing between SSD or raiding. Thx to you, I decided to buy a SSD for booting (the OS).

But now, I need to check a couple of details and options before starting to buy and install.

Is reinstalling Windows 7 on my SSD and deleting the partition on my HDD mess up my files, game, programs that are curently on my HDD?
Is there a way I don't have to reinstall everything again? If the procedure involves some backing up, I'm open to that, I just don't know if it will work since it's not the same hard drive that has the OS and booting files.
Basically, what I wish is that my comp stays the way it is right now (except for the speed of course and having 2 disks tongue.gif), and that my files and programs will work fine.
I hope I've been clear enough, if not ask me clarifications and I really appreciate your help!

Thanks again!
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This may help answer some of your questions and get you started...

How to Migrate to a Solid-State Drive Without Reinstalling Windows

Also, check out the storage essentials stickies in the Hard Drive & Storage section. Theres a ton of good info here on OCN.
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