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I just bought a 25" HP 2511x and it looks amazing compared to the 37" 1080p it replaced. I am contemplating returning the 25" for the same 27" model though. My main use for the monitor is gaming, movies, and i also use it as a bedroom tv. The 2511x has a .28 dot pitch where as the 27" 2711x is .313. I am concerned if i am going to lose alot of image quality jumping up 2" if i sit 2.5-4ft away. I don't game at a desk and have my monitor on a glass hdtv entertainment stand. It'd be great to hear from someone that went from a 24" 1080p monitor to a 27" 1080p monitor.

I DO NOT WANT A KOREAN 1440p MONITOR. strictly debating buying the 27" HP instead of the 25"