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RAM Configuration

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Hey all, I'm more than just a little new, I find myself here as a result of my being forced to put a new motherboard in my computer. I've never had an interest in what was in my computer up until recently.

I just upgraded to an ASUS M5A97 as well as an AMD FX 4-Core processor. Having 4 RAM slots I was a bit excited to reuse my old ram which I previously replaced with Corsair XMS3 bringing me from 4g to 8g.

I was curious on if one configuration of RAM was more efficient than another when putting all 4 sticks in. I've looked around a bit and found that people say if the speed of the RAM matches up the expansion should be alright. Both are 1333 and they are currently in this configuration, mostly because the book that came with the motherboard sad that if I have 2 stick they should go in the A2 and B2 position.

A1Unknown Brand (2gb)

A2Corsair XMS3 (4gb)

B1Unknown Brand (2gb)

B2Corsair XMS3 (4gb)

I not sure of what brand the 2gb sticks are but they came with my computer and new egg lists their size and speed.

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well if you intend to over clock your pc your better off with using just 2 sticks of ram and 8 gig is more then enfo to do anything you need unless your doing encoding or vidio editing also you get more out of your FX chip by steeping up to 1866 ram
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