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So obviously everyone is aware of the heat "issue" while adding more voltage and clocks to IB processors.
So my question is that since the maximum temperature for IB before it starts throttling is raised to 105c - does that mean that IB is designed and/or safer to run hotter than SB is and the heat "issue" is blown out of proportion?
I've seen some reviews and conjecture saying that this is the case and we just need to get used to these chips running hotter than we are used to.

No it doesn't follow. Just shrinking a die will shrink the conductive traces which means they will fail sooner than the larger die at the same temperature. Intel could have done something to improve the susceptibility to electromigration.

Processors probably can be permanently damaged through some other mechanism above Tjmax, so the fact that the Tjmax is higher doesn't mean you can run at high temperatures for a long time without causing accelerated degradation.
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