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CPU overclock not working

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I got an ASUS motherboard

m:4a75td -evo

AMD Processor

4 g b ddr3 RAm

32 processor
on the BIOS screen i get an option to overclock by pressing 4

on doing that i get A BSOD

when windows starts

can i know the reason and the solution ..!!
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Your probably better off overclocking your CPU by editing the settings in the BIOS rather than having it done automatically. For my rig (Phenom x4 955) I simply raised the multiplier from 16 to 18 and bumped the voltage a tiny bit and have had a stable OC for over a year. Give us your exact CPU type along with the make/model of your PSU and it will be much easier for the experts here to help you out. Best of luck.
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k what. first fill in system specs right

what amd processor you got?

what is
32 proceddor on the bios screen i get an option to overclock by pressing 4.

and my guess would be not sure tho but pressing 4 on my asus board on boot unlocked core if there there to unlock
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my processor AMD Phenom II X2 550

MMX,3dnow, 3.1ghz
Taking about the BIOS and stuff i am at wrong
i was unlocking my cores and not overlocking :X
can i know how i start overclocking
can i know how to unlock the cores
i will provide with detailed info soon
am not familiar with all these terms

Yup thats unlocking cores
thats what wanted i got quad core and wanted to that

So you mean unlocking cores is different then overclocking for surety stuff
my bad
but what so ever is that
whenever i unlock my cores my computer hangs ???can i know why
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Sometime unlocking cores can cause the CPU to be unstable, hence the reason they were locked to begin with. Only sometimes can you unlock cores and not have problems. I would suggest either raising voltage a little to see if you can get stable. Otherwise leave them locked. I wouldn't raise voltage more than .125v if you still notice that you BSOD at the same exact spots. But of course raise voltage one notch at a time in til your total voltage is (stock) + 0.125v

More likely than not you'll prob need to lock the cores back to get your stability back.
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