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is it okay to hook up fans to psu

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Hey guys I have a new case on the way that has 4 fans that come with it and i have 2 more fans a couger and a cooler master so a total of 6 fans(i know probly overkill but can never be to safe right). The case is http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811156252 and my mobo only has 1 extra fan hook up (i know i need a better mobo all i could afford at the time so i could get other better hardware). I also have a new psu on the way http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817171060 . So I was wondering is it okay to hook all the fans up but 1 to my psu? Ive heard that hooking fans up to psu makes them run at 100% all the time. Is that okay or bad? Just wanna make sure its okay to hook all the fans up to my psu before it gets here and i mess something up. Thanks in advance
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Depends on the connectors on the fans.

If a fan is powered by a 4-pin molex or connects to a 2 or 3-pin motherboard header, it will be running at 100% speed.
If a fan connects to a 4-pin header, it's a PWM-fan, but that is usually only for CPU fans and not case fans.

It's OK to hook up all the fans to the PSU's molex power cables, just know that your case may be a bit loud since the fans will be running at their max speeds. Theoretically this shortens their life span, but it wouldn't be something to worry about for many years to come.
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awesome thanks for quick response, while i was waiting i was doing some googlin and saw you can get fan controllers that you put in your drive bay so you can control fans hooked up to psu. Do you reccomend these? If so whats a decent one for a cheap price?
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i prefer the rheosmart6 simply because it will take the PWM signal from your mobo and control the fans accordingly. lamptron is generally considered higher quality, but it doesn't offer the ability to control your fans automatically via pwm input from the mobo.
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