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Guess that by now a lot of you on the Western side of the Atlantic are asleep. Just letting those still interested in this thread that I went to the computer store; saw and examined the EC1; and decided to pass on it (at least for the present). But, I had to buy something... I had to! So, I came home with a Kova+ mouse and an Alumic mousepad. They're still in the boxes. I'm too spent from the trip to do much more than sit and vegetate.

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OK, I opened the boxes a few hours ago.

Alumic Mousepad: This wasn't purchased for use with the Kova+ mouse. It is set up with a system I plan to use for photo editing. Presently,on that machine, I have a Razer Lachesis mouse attached. Was having troule finding the right pad for better control of the mouse. Found it. Well, at least the control side of the Alumic is what I was searching for. Nice glide and super precision, at least with the Lachesis. The Lachesis has only three small pads/feet/skates, and must have one of the smallest pad area to total bootom surface area of any mouse that I've used. I think this is the key to why it glides so well on the Alumic contol side surface. Of course, the surface, like the Ironclad and Steelseries SX, is cold. But, I live in the Negev Desert... Not a problem. Haven't used the speed side, but, when I do, I'll report back.

I love the fact that the accompanying wrist rest is separate from the mousepad. I have the Vespula, and if you remove the the wrist rest and the attached rubber mousepad base, the four small corner rubber feet on the mousepad just don't do a satisfactory job of keeping the mousepad in place. The Vespula surfaces were nice, but the surface area was too small for me. The Alumic has about fifty percent more surface area for mouse movement, and the corner rubber feet are about twice as big as the Vespula's, and hold the mousepad firmly in place.

Kova+: http://www.overclock.net/t/1247085/roccat-kova-dirty-review

Can't vouch for CT007's conclusions on the gaming aspects of this mouse (I am not a gamer.), but everything else he says about the construction, design, usability, and functioning of the mouse is spot on. What amazes me about this mouse is that I have large hands (wrist to end of my middle middle finger is just under 8 1/4 "), and although there is a lot of my hand extending past the back of the mouse (in a palm grip), once I start using it, it feels like a perfect fit. Most of the time, I actually forget it's there. Think this is because the part of my hand that contacts the mouse is a perfect fit. I also use a higher DPI (1600), so my hand doesn't move that much, and the rear part of my hand (the heel) rests on the mousepad. I'm using the Kova+ on a Sphex mousepad, and it's a joy.

Thanks to all for your help and inspiration. I'm a happy old(er) fart.biggrin.gif

(Have a question? Don't be afraid to ask.. I'll be more than happy to "try" to answer it.)
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