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MSI Big Bang Xpower II RMA and planned rebuild

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I finally got tired of my ASUS M/B locking on me and having to wait sometimes a few hours before it would reboot, it was liquid cooled. So I rebuilt a new system around the MSI Big Bang Xpower II M/B, but went with fans as my old computer was just too loud.

I am running an Intel i7-3820 CPU and a MSI N560GTX Twin Frzn GPU in a Thermatake Level 10 GT Snow case. I was very happy with the system, but I do game programming (as a hobby) as was having problems with Visual Studio compiling properly so I decided to flatten the system and just take the opportunity to move up to a faster OS hard drive.

To shorten the story, while installing the new drive and OS the M/B started just constantly rebooting. Checking it looks like DrMos got too hot and the light is on. So I have it about ready to RMA back.

Before I do, I am thinking that there may just not be enough air movement in that case, even though I like it and seems to be good. I have a Black Ice Stealth 360 that was driving my old ASUS CPU/ 2 GTX-280 and the North and South bridge and never had a single heat problem and was running a single loop.

Before I send the M/B back I will test fit the 360 Rad and see if it will fit in the case. But it has been a while since I built my last LC system and I know there are new products out there. So looking for suggestions on how to best keep the temps down on this system. I do not overclock that much, but the computer is in a warmer area of the house so I think the LC helps dissipate the heat better.

But a few things I want to Consider.

1. I may want to add another N560 and LC both and run in SLI, I miss having SLI.
2. I can only find the CPU blocks. Are there any other cooling blocks for this board or is it better to try and get some more air moving through.

So any suggestions would be helpful. I have seen single CPU coolers, but the main thing I need to do is keep the DrMos cool or I will be doing another RMA.
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And right after I posted this I found cooling block kit on FrozenPc, must have overlooked it.

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