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Hello from california

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Hello everyone i'm new here, and new to overclocking.
I just recently built my second system, before i was running an asus m4a78lt-m with 4gb of ddr3 1600 and a amd phenom II x3.
I am now running an asrock z68 extrem3 gen3 with an intel i5-2500K and 8gb of g.skill sniper series 2133
I have a 750W psu with an HD 4850 1gb gddr3 i got my power supply and video card for free from a hand so i cant really complain... although i am going to buy a 2X GTX 480'S and go sli.

I am here to ask how i should go about overclocking my system my cpu temps are around 20 celcius don't know if i should overclock or not.
If i do overclock where do i start? and what should i do first? i've never played with overclocking before so i don't really know how it works.. i do have experience in computer's tho.
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Welcome aboard, this isn't the proper place to ask questions, head on over to the Intel section and post a thread. thumb.gif
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All right will do sorry i am in the process of reading the rules to the forum so i know where to post etc.
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20 Celsius is a pretty good temp, I'm at about 35 Celsius when idling @ 3.8GHz overclock, while gaming temps never go above 55 Celsius. Depending on your CPU cooler you may get different temps and will want to adjust your clocks a little. Definitely go to the Intel sub-forum section and ask around on how to overclock though. thumb.gif
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