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Troubles OC'ing my FX-4100

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I am new to OC'ing but I have been researching about it a lot so I tried to give it a go. So, the troubles I am having are I think to do with my motherboard. I have a Gigabyte M68MT-S2 with bios version at FB. I turn off the turbo and quiet and cool settings or anything that seems like it will automatically change the clock speed. I press CTRL+F1 to get into my chipset settings.

Here I try to change the multiplier speed from auto but if I try put it any higher than 19x, it just goes straight back to auto.

The other problem is when I try change my CPU base clock from 200, it takes about 30 seconds for the POST screen to load then says something along the lines of the system is in safe mode, resetting the clock will put it to normal. Then I get the option to press F1 to continue or press DEL to enter bios.

Edit: Also, when at 19x on stock clock, it gets to 3.8Ghz. Also it'll sometimes go back down to 16.5x for like a second then back up even though I'm sure i've disabled all turbo things like that.

If anyone has any ideas what could be wrong, I appreciate it.

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Are you a girl? You should say you are a girl, You'll get more help.

-Edit, sometimes, I really should just keep my mouth shut.

However, Looking at the AMD motherboard section, there are many guides on accomplishing this task with your CPU architecture and related boards. Even with your mATX board possibly missing some settings/features you should be able to get a mild OC out of your chip if you follow them and disregard settings you don't have access to.

And for the board resets: does anything other than CPU multi revert if changed?
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Well, if I'm a girl then you're a baby. redface.gif

Edit: I almost always have a comeback wink.gif

I haven't notice anything else reset. It just prevents me from even selecting anything over 19 at all. Goes straight to auto before saving. I will take a look at that section. Thanks!

Edit 2:

It's just come back to me that I remember once I got it up to 4GHz without any errors. I have changed nothing in my ways since o.O
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