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Need help. Can't get E6750 to 400 or more because DDR2-800 RAM runs over rated. - Page 3

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I just found another thread that looks just like my problem, with the same motherboard. http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=551062
But his problem is that he can't get his PCI-E to show 16x in CPU-Z. Mine never gave me 1x... unless CPU-Z is wrong.
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I'd follow the recommendations given on that thread. Try more NB volts. Drop your multiplier down one and start stepping your FSB up. Hopefully you'll pass a fsb hole. if that's what it is, and get your CPU back where you want it before your ram becomes unstable. You'll likely have to loosen your timings to do this. I've had FSB holes before in different spots. Around 400 is an inconvenient spot for one to exist, if that's what's happening. It appears to be a sporatic hardware issue, given the contents of the other thread. Never had an issue anything like what you're talking about. My FSB holes causes me to either not be able to get into windows and massive instability in windows. I found them by adjusting mulitplier to a low CPU clock but still seeing instability at certain FSBs.
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I got around the problem! Finally!

It was the NB voltage the whole time. I set it to 1.4V manually, and the 3Dmark graphics card ran smoothly. After that I raised the FSB pretty high, to about 450, and got a BSOD. I jumped so high because before I noticed the graphics problem, I was passing stress tests around 3.6 GHz. My guess is without the NB voltage manually set, it probably never was really reaching that level. Because with the NB voltage set, as soon as I got in the 430 range, I needed to manually set vcore, as auto stopped working for that setting as well.

Anyway, I got my system stable at 440 with vcore set to 1.4850 if I can remember correctly, as I woke up to an orthos stress test with no errors. CoreTemp's max was in the high 60s, while HWMonitor's was 70 for both cores and RealTemp's 71. They always read higher than CoreTemp (and if anyone knows which one to trust the most, feel free to chime in). Thanks for all your help and input; I'm excited to see how much performance I can squeeze out of this thing. Now I'm gonna have to deal with figuring out when it's the CPU voltage, CPU PLL voltage, FSB termination voltage, NB voltage, or even if the RAM voltage needs to get just a tenth over rated for really high speeds.

I'm assuming that not getting the graphics error as I continue to OC doesn't rule out that I need to increase the NB voltage levels though, right?

It's funny, I had never been so happy to see a BSOD before. The graphics card problem was preventing me from pushing the chip to anything that required voltage tweaking (>400 FSB). So I hadn't gotten one BSOD since I started OCing this thing. They started to piss me off right away on my way to a stable 3.520 Ghz, though. :-)
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My my 3rd post... post 8...

" I'd check volts on the NB/SB... "

That ties everything together on the MB. Too low... it won't work correctly.

Anyways, glad you found it. From here... you're tweaking and reaching for the sky. Enjoy the mid-3 Ghz realm. Good luck.
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What strap are you on with your RAM?
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No new-fandled straps on 775. Just FSB, multipliers, and volts.

OCing the way god intended. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by charleswrivers View Post

No new-fandled straps on 775. Just FSB, multipliers, and volts.
OCing the way god intended. wink.gif

My P35 board had strap options. There weren't many but they were there. My P45 board has them as well.
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Eh!? NM. I guess my 680i/780i were very old hat. I never say any of that stuff the boards have now.
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Yeah, I should have just checked the NB long ago and that would have saved a lot of trouble. It happened in such an inconvenient place (right as the ram went overrated) that for a while there I was so convinced it was the RAM.

t_russell, I have the strap set to auto. I'm hoping I won't need to change it, as I'll have enough voltages to worry about already.

Quick question:
1. On a lot of forums, I see people refer to NB voltage as +0.1, etc. That means above the stock voltage? Stock NB voltages don't seem to be listed in specs I've seen. I'm also a little confused because there's lots of mention of a difference between NB voltage and CPU-NB voltage, and I only have an NB voltage option in my BIOS.

2. Just to clarify, lowering the multiplier and raising FSB can be used to test for voltage stability? I.e. 480 FSB at x7 will require the same voltage as 480 x 8, regardless of the final clock speed?
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regarding the fsb holes from earlier, you said you test for them by lowering the multiplier and then checking stability at that FSB speed, right?

i've been having trouble getting to 3.6 stable (FSB 450). I got 3.53 fine. failing stress tests with prime95 and orthos at 3.6 within a few minutes. memtest ok on ram (for like a half an hour.... not nearly long enough... but long enough to make me think that it's a CPU issue). i lowered the multiplier to 7 and stress tested fine with FSB at 450, so I'm guessing this isn't a hole. I just want to clarify that this means i need to tweak the voltages on the CPU and/or mobo side.

Got the vcore at 1.4875, CPU PLL at stock, fsb term (VTT) at stock, NB at 1.5, SB at stock. i'm thinkin i might be hittin my last wall before 3.6, but just wanted to get a second opinion. i've read a lot of forums of people gettin an e6750 to 3.6 on much less vcore, so i figured i'd throw this out there.

sorry if i'm slurring, i'm a bit drunk but i wanted to get this post off before i sign off for the night :thumb.gif
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