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I overclocked my computer to 3.5 Ghz by adding +.1v to both CPU NB and CPU Vcore and +.005 to APU VDDP. I had to increment the APU VDDP because Windows 7 would go back to Aero Basic after a while until I restarted. Is it safe/high to add .1v to both NB and Vcore?

My processor is A8-3870k and motherboard is gigabyte GA-A75M-UD2H.

*edit: Was not stable at 3.5 Ghz. I needed +.125v at least for Vcore and +.1v for CPU NB. It also turned out that I needed +.015v to APU VDDP for graphics to be at 839 Mhz. I am still not sure what the rule of thumb is for Llano regarding voltages.

Current config is 3.4 Ghz, needed +.75v for Vcore, +.25 for CPU NB, +.015v for APU VDDP @ 839 Mhz.
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