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I recently built my rig and I'm trying to OC my i7-2600k.

I'm a newbie to OCing but I was able to follow some of the setups on another thread to get up to 4.4GHz and 4.8GHz. But whenever I tried to OC to 4.5, 4.6, or 4.7, my mobo just stopped at error code 70. Which is the "south bridge DXE initialization started"

After searching around, I found other people are having the same issue with their Extreme3 Gen3 board. Some of them were able to fix the problem by updating the newest BIOS. But for the Pro3 Gen3, it came with the latest BIOS v1.30.

The setup I had tried to get to 4.6GHz was from this thread

Any help would be much appreciated.

My Setup:

asrock fatal1ty z68 professional gen 3
16GB G.Skill ripjaws DDR3-1866