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Ok lots of crazyness with the deal codes and MIR case Hdd sata III 750gb 60gb sata III Amd 6870 2gb of vram has $30 MIR 500w psu $15 off with code EMCNFHD28 and $20 MIR same ram deal $9 off with code EMCNFHD42 Motherboard Core I3 $10 off with code HARDOCPX425B Monitor

So total after codes $758.91 (dont worry about shipping made sure they where all free shipping tongue.gif)
total after mir $708.91 use windows 8 beta till you get MIR back then get that if you must (there are ways to get this cheaper)
that would bring the grand total with os After MIR to $808.90

Idk why some of the links are being stupid so you will have to copy and paste them in the browser tongue.gif

well If i rem 1 of these deals expired so if your still interested pm me and I can help you rebuild something similar to above
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