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ASUS P8Z68-V - VGA_LED / Only sometimes. Please Help, confused :(

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Before we start I have 2x gigabyte 580gtx SOC running in SLI with AX850 and OC'd 2500k at 4.6ghz, ASUS xonar essence stx and an SSD and 1tbHDD + 8GB Ram..

Okay, i'm extremely confused. About a week ago i went to turn my computer on and i got nothing. PC wouldn't boot so i thought my PSU was dead. Spent a few minutes flicking switches and re-plugging things in and my PC booted. Fast forward to yesterday and i go to turn my computer on, it spins up with everything working fine but there is no output from the GPU's, monitors are just black. So then i think, wow now my GPU's have died.

Watched the board boot and the VGA_LED stayed red. Pulled my entire computer apart. Pulled the GPU's out and booted from my MOBO which worked fine. Put 1 GPU in at a time and nothing for each time i tried. Unplugged the HDD's and tried the gpu again and it boots to BIOS and i can see the monitor. I thought that was weird but i plugged the HDD/SDD back in and then it booted to the OS again. Not a minute earlier i had the same configuration and it wouldn't work.

So i decided to try the other gpu in at the same time without the SLI bridge and it displays windows. I then turned it off, put the SLI bridge on and the computer wouldn't display for 2 restarts. Finally on the 3rd and final restart it displayed again and booted to windows. Anyway i left the computer on the entire day playing DOTA2 etc and it worked fine.

I went to turn it on this morning and i get the same problem. This time i've stripped the PC down and put everything in 1 by 1. I've currently got the 2nd GPU in and testing it, it's working with just the ram/cpu/ssd/hdd. I'm about to put the main gpu you by its self and see if it boots with that. If it works i'm going to be even more confused. I'll then put the sound card back in and assuming it boots finally put the 2 cards in at the same time with the SLI bridge..

Has anyone come across something similar? It's just confusing me because each time i've pulled things out and put them back in it's decided to work...

I'm either thinking my PSU is struggling with the SLI SOC + OC on CPU although i tried default BIOS options and it still wouldn't boot until i pulled everything out and put it back in.
Or my motherboard is faulty and i need a new one.

Anyone able to help?
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Okay so it gets weirder but i think i now know the problem. 1 of the cards doesn't boot when this button is blue (default)


It only works when it's red

As first seen in the previous GTX 480 SOC, GIGABYTE have included a Dual BIOS switch that contains two different BIOS chips, and not just a backup of the original BIOS. By default the button is illuminated blue letting you know the default Super Overclock BIOS is active. Pressing the button changes the illumination to red, enabling the LN2 BIOS that is specially designed for overclockers to avoid potential cold bug issues at extremely low temperatures.

So what is the best thing to do? RMA the card as i'm assuming one of the BIOS's is corrupt? or just leave it and only boot with the button pressed down (red mode).
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