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In 1440 you can run ultra and get more frames than me.
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At 1440p as soon as I put everything to Ultra it goes over the 2gb VRAM and I get stuttering. I was just wondering whats the best setting for visual quality without going over 2gb. I believe ultra is around 2.5gb.
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Is it overclocked? Mine runs at 70+ fps in 2560x1600 and that is higher res than yours. I don't look at ram usage. My friend has 2. 7970s 3gig and my 690 runs way smoother than his.
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I need a little help here.

I was running my 690 at 135% +45 +180 for about three days fine.

Overclocked my CPU to 4.5GHz from 4.4GHz and increased the Turbo from 0.004 to 0.008, seems fine and stable.

Two days later, playing Batman Arkham City, white squares all over the screen, crash. This happened another 3 times.
Tried Valley, same thing. reduced the overclock to 130% +30 +150. Same thing.

Went default setting and ran Valley for 6 hours, came back and no crash reported. Played Arkham City for 8 hours, no crash.

Is my PSU limiting my overclock?
I can't think of any other reason the GTX 690 would of worked fine for days, and then suddenly start bugging out...
I initially thought it was getting faulty and was going to contact Asus for an RMA (I know they are terrible) but after testing it for so many hours and it coming back fine, I don't know what to do.

I had an increase of 10fps in Valley with that overclock, and it's really annoying losing it.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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I run mine +20v +130core +400 mem with no problems at all. I hit. 20145 gpu score in 3dmark 11 . It could be a bad card or psu.
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There's my old Firemark score, that was when I was overclocked.
Would a bad card or a bad psu be eligible for a warranty replacement, or is it simply what I'm stuck with.

I would think it might be my PSU, my old 660sli setup didn't overclock very well either. Had somewhere around +30 +200 on it and any more than that and the thing would crash.

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What brand is the 690
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It's an Asus.

EDIT: My power supply is 700w and my CPU is overclocked to 4.5GHz.
Got 7GB of ram and a 1GB virtual drive which I created the other day.
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Asus has a 3 year warranty so u can send it back
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With what excuse?
It works fine at stock settings, it's just stoped working with any overclock.
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