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hey guys, i recently went through my old things, and put together the best build i had with old parts. it is a gigabyte ga-ma785gm-us2h with a phenom ii x4 955, 1gb X2 of kingston hyperx ddr2 800mhz, and 2gb X2 of supertalent 800mhz, old pny 7600gt, antec neowatts 550W psu, Raidmax scorpio 868, some sony dvd drive, and 2 hard drives. one is a WD 160gb ide hd, and this one can be detected, but i cant format it. the other one is a maxtor 300gb that was formatted, but cant be detected. the maxtor was on a comp that pretty much had the same parts except for the mobo and cpu. the mobo was a gigabyte GA-MA790FX-D55, and the cpu was an athlon 64 X2 6400. the old drive had ubuntu 10.10, and i am trying to install 12.04 on the new one via disk. should i just try a usb stick instead? any help is appreciated. oh and BTW i didnt know where to put this thread, unix, or amd so i just put it in amd.