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Corsair H80 and Asus P9X79

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Good evening everyone,

Sorry if this is the wrong thread, I'm a new user here. I'm trying to assemble my first build ever, and I've had an entire day full of problems.

To cut out all the filler... I have an Asus P9X79 and bought a Corsair H80 for the mobo+cpu cooling/heatsink situation.

If you use the larger riser (screw) everything screws together well but the heatsink is roughly 1/8" off of the processor.

If you use the smaller riser (screw), the processor and heatsink they make good contact, HOWEVER, the shorter end of the riser is not long enough to screw into the back bracket and if you reverse the screw, it screws into the back bracket but the shorter end does not fit through flange on the heatsink and the nut does not fit on that end of the screw.

If anyone could please make some recommendations on what to do. This is our second heatsink unit of the day, and I read the two are compatible but I cannot wrap my head around this. I'm sure being anxious about messing something up isn't helping any.

Thank you all for your time,
Mathew DeLiso
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Welcome to OCN! biggrin.gif

Unfortunately I'm not of much help, but there are plenty of people here that will be able to help you. (I'm just bumping this for you wink.gif)

Best of luck!
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Have you tried reversing your back bracket? The short end should thread through perfectly to the backplate. maybe you can snap a quick pic to show the problem?
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