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Looking to do a trade for a 2600k, 2700k, or one of the two new ivys (3570k or 3770k) I would be willing to add a little bit of cash to make the trade. I have been running this at 4.8 stable 1.350v for a couple weeks under water temps under Prime95 are 58c at the highest. Will provide CPUz validation upon request as well as will prime test it upon request @ 4.8GHz or at 5.0GHz. Thanks!

EDIT: This chip will boot 5.4GHz @ 1.52v but freezes after boot, I didn't test any further just wanted to see how high it would boot with intels max specs on it. If you had LN2 or DICE it would probably be a great chip for you biggrin.gif

EDIT 2: Chip has been 24 hour stable 5.0GHz @1.472v

FINAL EDIT: It is for sale now.
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