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Need help planning my fx-6100 mild overclocking and testing. - Page 2

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First, Sysmark is a KNOWN biased benchmark (hint it was written by Intel) which is why in the settlement agreement intel now has to release the code they use in their compiler in the future for review. It's also the reason why EVERY other chipmaker left the "consortium" which is now just basically Intel calling itself a "consortium".

Secondly, your words were "But its performance is absolutely terrible. Compared to my 955 BE at 4ghz, the FX 6100 at 4.5ghz is about 15% lower in performance". Not "at stock" so let's put your own statement to the test. You bench your system at 4GHz, I'll bench mine (again) at 4.5GHz, we'll post the results here (with cpu-z showing) and compare. And unless you have a 5870 we'll just stick to the CPU benchmarks. If you do have a 5870 I'll gladly pit it against you're system as well. I'm sick of people making blanket statements about FX with nothing but a few stock reviews written last year as "evidence".
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Fine by me. Do a run with Cinebench and 3d Mark 11. I'm sure theres a few extras we could chuck in too.
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And by the way....the 6100 is going for $139. The same price range as the i3 it crushes.
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The list,

Cinebench R10
Cinebench 11.5
Sisoft Sandra 2011
Passmark Performance Test 7 x64

We'll start with those. Like I said "gaming" & graphics aren't a fair comparison unless we're benching the same graphics card, at the same resolutions and at the same settings.
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Far enough. Also, this is a simple multi OC. I couldnt be stuffed to go stuffing around with the NB and extra ram speed.
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I'll run a couple tonight while I finish cleaning a laptop with malwarebytes but I'll post most of them tomorrow. List any other benchmarks you want me to run (3DMarks etc ONLY if we have the same GPU setup).
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Meh, i've got some 5870s lying around, but couldnt be bothered to remove my xfire 6950s biggrin.gif

I'll upload some results over the next couple of days.
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You keep saying the 6100 is "bad" but I'd like to see how you go from the 4.06 PhII 955 3.6GHz score to past 5.5 with just a 400 MHz bump.
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Christ it took ages for me just to open half that screenshot.....Could you upload it using photobucket or something similar. Also, i noticed that you had an FSB of 225......I thought i said only use the Multi?
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