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As a semi-pro when it comes to computer setup and deployment i would highly agree to stay away from HP.
Unless they've gotten their act together in the last 2 years (which i highly doubt) their whole base program/unit cloning system is horribly flawed
1. their software bundles are horribly written to only do what they are needed for without regard to how poorly they run or what other programs they affect
2. they often come with quite a few registry errors
3. quite often their hard-drives are heavily fragmented from the factory.
If HP actually cared about their consumer PC product lines we wouldn't be hearing rumors about them wanting to sell it.

Haha then you clearly haven't seen their newest line of laptops.. much better than the HP Pavilion junk that was sold awhile back (however, I must say, I have an old DV6000 that is still chugging along, CPU fan is about to go out though heh)
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The newer gen HPs are actually very good. Durable and great bang for the buck. As others have suggested, now is not a good time to be buying a laptop. Wait until the Ivy Bridge models come out, then buy a current gen laptop for hundreds less. I would personally go fr the DV6t for the $800 budget you have. You can get a nice 1080p display, and a 7690m graphics card.

Yes, this. When I received the DV6T select edition I purchased for my brother, I was very surprised by the build quality.. far surpassed any of Dell's offerings as of late.