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Hello everyone.
Installed a EK water block to my 2nd 580 last weekend. Installed TIM and all the correct thermal pads, tighened all the screws and then revoved the block to check contacts with GPU, mem, ect..
I am not making good contact with the R125 Inductors (6 chips). EK asks for 1mm pads here (Labled #2 pads in instructions).
I have to think I am very close to making contact when all the other pads around the R125s settle down.
I understand the R125 Inductors to not produce very much heat? So even if the pads are not making full contact with the block I should not worry? Don't want to take apart the SLI loop so soon and if I did I would want to have some 1.5mm pad material on hand to replace the 1mm, can't find any in stock right now..
Any experience or suggestions regarding this would be greatly appreciated.