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Hi All,

I'm looking to replace my old Audigy 2ZS sound card and Sennheiser hd202 headphones.

I often work on a computer and I like to immerse in the world of music, any genre.
So I'd say music is 60% importance.

Secondly I play a lot of QuakeWorld using ezQuake ( yes the 1997 one ).
The game only support stereo, but I still relay on it for enemy positioning and outcome of the
match is highly dependable from it. This is my 40%, although I play some other modern game
they don't count to me that much.

Now I had my type in Xonar DX + Samson SR850 which is within budget that I can afford.

Before I hit order button I wonder whether there is another setup that is good for music quality but also offer
great positioning in games. I'm thinking along lines of a product with technology that would turn my QuakeWorld's
stereo sound into "3D" by some tricks so that I can position better?