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CPU Temps

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I recently bought an i5 2500 (LGA 1155) for my rig. I have been noticing abnormally high temps. My room usually stays at a solid 69-70 degrees f. The case has good ventilation and is free of dust. The computer is brand new. My idle temps are around 50 - 51 degrees Celsius. Watching a simple stream on twitch or you tube, I can see my temps going up to as high as 88 degrees Celsius. Any ideas on this issue or anyone having the same problem? I have the stock cooler by the way. I wouldn't think the aftermarket cooler would make 20-25 degrees difference but I may be mistaken. Also, my usage will shoot up to 80 - 90% while watching a stream.

Thanks for your time
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Reapply the thermal paste using the line method.
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