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Yeah, pure silence isn't possible. (I'm also going to have a Radeon HD 5770 with stock fan in there as well, and it will make some noise even when it's not busy, and quite a bit of noise when it is busy.) So I'm just shooting for as quiet as practical.

I probably should mention I live in the middle of nowhere, so these will have to be shipped. The reason I bring this up is that it doesn't seem like there's much difference in price between something like the Bitfenix Spectre Pro's and the Noctua NF-S12B FLX's when shipping is factored in. The cheapest place I can find for the Spectre Pro's is Amazon where they cost $16.05 USD shipped, while the cheapest I can find the NF-S12B FLX's is also Amazon, for $16.95 USD shipped. (I know the Spectre Pro's are $11.99 at FrozenCPU, but the added shipping costs there more than negate the lower price.)

Of course, now I've found another review that states that, in practice, Scythe Gentle Typhoons (B5AP-15) have the same noise level as NF-S12B FLX's while moving more air, despite their specs saying the exact opposite. I'm so confused. wackosmiley.gif

What if I were to approach this from a different angle? The Zalman ZM-F3 is cheap, and reviews give it a good airflow:noise ratio. Are those decently quiet and would two provide sufficient airflow? One other question I had: I think I'll be getting the Asrock Z77 Pro4-M motherboard. Can I control 3-pin fan speeds via software with that motherboard, or would I need a separate fan controller?
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Well to start off, between the Spectre Pros or the Noctuas, if they're almost the same price, I'd go with whatever one looks better for you or suits you. Either fan is going to be fantastic, high quality, and quiet, exactly what you're looking for.

Don't buy the Gentle Typhoons if you are just cooling your case. They are very expensive, and because of their static pressure and airflow, they make better radiator fans than they do case fans. In fact, you'll find that the Spectre Pro's or the Noctua's are going to be better for case fans than the GT's. However if you were using these fan's on a radiator, Gentle Typhoon all the way! I really wouldn't go with the Zalman fans to be honest, go with something better known. While the dBA is posted, the frequency of the noise isn't listed. If your up for a little physics lesson, fans can have the same noise output, but the frequency they generate can cause some fans to sound "louder" than others. This is because of the way the human ear picks up noise, and the way it's sensitive to specific ranges of frequencies; a dBA meter is a mechanical machine that doesn't act like the human ear. But then again, this is a pretty small scale, just some info I thought I'd throw out there.

More practically, the sound levels posted on NewEgg, and other sites are the company supplied statistics, not the distributors, allowing for a company to forge their numbers slightly if they wanted to. I see this a lot with the Scythe fans. At the same time, I haven't heard much of Zalman making standalone fans, only really heatsinks. My two cents is to go with a fan that has a better reputation and user review. No matter where you search, there will always be more and more fans to choose from, and shopping for them is extremely difficult because of all these choices.

By the way, props to you for doing a lot of your research beforehand.

EDIT: To answer your board question, I'd imagine there is software out there that can control that, just remember that your motherboard has watt/amp limits on each channel, be sure to look those up before you go and attach 2/3/4 fans on splitters to the board. I like fan controllers because you don't have to fiddle around with a program or have to take the time to open up the program.
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Well at this point I've gone on second-guessing for so long that just about everything else for my build is here. So I think I will just go ahead and put everything together with the stock case fans and make sure I want something better before I go and replace them. I probably will, but it will only take me a few days to find out for sure at this point. Whatever happens, thanks for all the advice, and I'll be sure to update this thread after all is said and done!
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No problem! Whatever works man, I think that's the best idea to be honest =)
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Well I got everything put together finally and have decided to replace the case fans. One of the two stock fans decided to emit a quiet-but-still-loud-enough-to-be-mildly-annoying clicking sound, and neither really seems to move a whole ton of air (which is probably to be expected at 900-1000 rpm). Anyway, I was checking out the current pricing on various fans and it looks like the PWM Cougar Vortex fans, which I hear good things about, are on sale at NewEgg for $15 each. On paper they seem to move a lot of air, but specs lie all the time, so I'll wait to hear from you guys. Think I'm better off with one of the previously mentioned choices, or would a couple of these be a good bet?

I was also wondering if those make good CPU fans as well, and if so, how one would compare to the stock fan on the CM 212+? (Stock fan gets quite loud at full speed, which doesn't really bother me, but if I can get better cooling with a quieter fan that's on sale, I'm all for it.)
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If the specs are correct, then those are fantastic case fans! The only problem is that I don't think those fit on the fan brackets supplied with the CM212+
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That sale from the other day was over and they were $16.99 a piece again, but lo and behold, today in NewEgg's newsletter they were offering a 20% off promo code (EMCNEHH244 if anyone else is interested) on all case fans, so I got myself three of those Cougar Vortexes (Vortices? tongue.gif). Anyway, I'm glad you took a couple days to respond or I'd not have saved another $4-$5. thumb.gif

BTW, in my Googling I saw some recommendations for pairing up the Cougar Vortex fans with both the CM 212+ and the Evo, so I took a chance buying one for that purpose. Will report back to let you guys know for sure if it fits.
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Yeah sorry about that, haven't been feeling well lately so I've been skimming over my various forum happenings.

Please let us know if those fans fit the 212, and how they work. I looked at the specs, I really like them actually. I may pick up a couple depending on how you like em.rolleyes.gif
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A bit belated, but I finally got around to trying out those fans the other day and figured I should make good on my promise to report back. They fit the 212 just fine. I also reseated the heatsink on my CPU at the same time with some new thermal goop, so I can't say for sure if the fans are responsible, but temperatures are a few degrees lower than they were before. At full speed (~1500 RPM) they are obviously louder than the 900 RPM stock fans I had before, but my perception is that these are no more annoying at 1100-1200 RPM than the stock fans were at their top speed. (Plus neither one has an annoying clicking sound like one of the stock fans did.) To me, they seem very quiet below 1100 RPM. Anyway, that's this newb's opinion. thumb.gif
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